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LA LA Land laughs!


 Acme Comedy Theatre

It's beginning to get colder out, this Friday is Friday the thirteenth, and it has started to get dark out right around lunch time. LA needs a good laugh. For those getting a cranky face on, laughing helps make you feel happier. Not looking forward to the stress of holidays? Laughing is a great stress reducer. Cold weather have you worrying about getting a cold? laughing can help prevent you from getting sick.

Yup, laughter really is a great medicine. LA, were lucky, our fair city is providing us with the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. Multiple days, multiple events, films, comics, and all around good times. LA is known for being a great comedy stand-up start-up location. So, what better way to beat away the blues and immerse yourself in one of LA's pastimes the by attending a comedy festival?

Right, there isn't one. The schedule is jam packed over at the Acme comedy theatre, and tickets won't have you crying foul. Getting your tix online even saves you some, but they are still available at the door, should you need.

The festival is going on from November 5-22 at the Acme Comedy Theatre on N. La Brea. So bring yourself, your friends, your family, bring everyone and let yourself laugh, it's good for you!