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La la la love.....

       So I have been reading this book about love by an author named Osho, before reading this book I had my own personal opinions and views about what love really was. Though I have not had many experiences with love outside of family and friends I always thought love to be an emotional expression shown towards people that you feel deeply about. Today I can’t really tell you what exactly love is besides God, with every ounce of me I know that God is and will always be LOVE. I have had many people in my life tell me that they love me and no matter if it was family, friends or lovers some action along the way always proved to go against what I felt love was or was suppose to be. So I ask the question “What is love?” well Wikipedia defines love as “any number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment” where as Osho states that true unconditional love has no attachments, possession, jealousy etc.
       I truly do not think that many of us can grasp the concept of love and what it is, many of us say we love others but have never treated them in a loving manner. I think that love is a lot deeper than most of our brains can comprehend. Osho states that we see love in movies, read about it in poems and even hear of it in songs but very few of us will truly experience the true experience of love. From the time that we are born we are completely and totally capable of expressing love, but some where along the way from toddler to adulthood we totally lose everything that we held within us about love. During adulthood we are in search of love and when we do get into relationships, whether it be friendships or partnerships, we are  trying to gain something that many of us can not even give because we do not possess it within. Love just seems to be a very complex thing and I guess you can say that the search of it starts within..

Love Tatoo
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