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LA Kings Victory appeal to Latinos in Los Angeles

LA Kings won the Stanley Cup
Harry How/Getty Images

Yes, Los Angeles Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils 6-1

Last week after game three in line for the Stanley Cup the LA Kings craze spread to the Hispanic community, one of the largest, in Los Angeles. Many Latino-Angelinos even “se fueron al infierno” (went to hell – New Jersey), to see game five after the disappointment of game four.

Hockey is not one of the sports of choice of Latinos in the USA. Only 9.4% of the NHL fan base is Hispanic. “One of the reasons why Latinos are do not follow this sport is because hockey is related to the cold weather and, since most of Latin-American countries are tropical is difficult to find an ice ring to play” says Xiomara, who was born in Honduras, but now is an American citizen. “I feel lucky to be able to play this sport. I have been playing it for 12 years and I love it because, besides being exiting, it is an excellent way to keep in shape” Xiomara added.

Tonight’s victory and eventual celebrations have the potential to get more Latino children all over the Los Angeles metropolitan area interested in the sport. The NHL is already making efforts to bring hockey to minority children through the program Hockey Is For Everyone (HIFE), This is the official HNL program that provides support and unique program to non-hockey youth organizations across North America that are committed to offering children of all backgrounds opportunities to play hockey.

“If there is not an ice ring available, sports fans could start playing street hockey, which is the same as regular hockey but with rollerblades” says Xiomara. Probably after today’s victory many basketball courts will serve as the place of choice of street hockey

Yes, LA Kings won the Stanley Cup today but maybe they also won a new segment of fans.


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