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LA kid friendly restaurant review: Messob on Fairfax

Sharing injera at Messob
Sharing injera at Messob
damon hill

No matter how much you adore the little people in your life, there is no denying that along with the joy of parenting comes a certain amount of tedium.  Diapers must be changed every day.  Meals prepared every day.  Laundry piles up by the truckloads every day.  The domestic labor increases exponentially with the addition of each new little person and even for the parent who has help, paid or otherwise, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Hence, the need to go out to dinner.

The great thing about going out to eat, especially when your child reaches the toddler stage, (also known as the time when they start to throw their food) is that someone else makes the food, someone else serves the food and best of all, some else cleans up the mess you leave behind.  And one of the unexpected delights of going out to dinner early with a kid is that you can get a table almost everywhere at six o'clock. 

If you are in the mood for adventure and a gooey little slice of toddler heaven, Messob on Fairfax is a fantastic choice.  Located in the heart of what's known as Little Ethiopia, Messob is a warm, casual Ethiopian restaurant with a family friendly atmosphere.  It's also the kind of place where you can eat with your hands.  In Ethiopian tradition, dinners use injera, a pancake like bread, to scoop up a variety of delicious stews, meats and vegetables.  For toddlers, the ability to grab, dip and smush is irresistible.  And for parents the joy of embracing the mess guilt free is downright luxurious. 

Now, if you could just get someone to hose down your kid before you head home...