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LA kid classes & birthday parties: My Gym

The fabulous Zane turns two!
The fabulous Zane turns two!
lizzy weiss

Whether or not you believe that a group of six-month-old babies sitting in a circle and clapping their hands qualifies as a gymnastics class, My Gym is worth a visit.  This national franchise has been a longtime staple in the suburbs and has now found its way into the city.  And grateful new parents are happily ripping off their shoes and socks, joining the circle and clapping along.

My Gym offers classes for kids from six weeks to ten years old.  There is a usually a nice mix of moms, dads and nanny's accompanying the little ones and the activities are a good match for the ages involved.  There are trampolines, bouncy chairs, bubbles, toys, zip lines, slides, ladders, climbing walls, dance classes, karate... and most importantly, everything is clean and well padded.  For parents of toddlers who are exhausted by chasing their little people around (especially older parents who enjoyed decades of sitting and reading the paper in peace before procreating), My Gym is a welcome respite.  A safe, bright, bouncy haven.

Another great thing about the My Gym franchise is that they offer packages for birthday parties.  The kids run around and scream at each other, eat pizza and cake and take turns riding on a zip line rocket ship while the parents make small talk.  (WARNING:  Small talk is a necessary art form for all new parents; everywhere you go, you talk to people you don't know.  It's just how it is, so you might as well do it well.)   The My Gym birthday party really is perfection on a late Saturday afternoon.  The only thing missing is an open bar. 

My Gym has two locations in the city: My Gym Beverly Hills and My Gym Santa Monica.  For those of you in the valley or the South Bay, check out the My Gym Locator to find a location near you.