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LA kayaker speaks about new vacation option: paddling in Africa


Thanks to explorer Alan Feldstein, people who want to safari in Africa, can now dip a paddle in Tanzanian waterways for more wildlife and wonder from the unique perspective of a kayak.

Kayaking in Africa for good memories
(c) Alan Feldstein, Infinite Kayak Adventures

“With warm ocean waters, unexplored mangrove tributaries and abundant bird life, one truly gets the feel of being out in the bush,” says the LA founder of Infinite Kayak Adventures, "We are  the only safari company offering kayaking opportunities in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania.”

He recommends the bucket list trip to experienced and inexperienced kayakers, and loves sharing the adventure. He’ll be taking a kayak and his African stories up to Santa Barbara to speak at the Travel Store  on Wednesday, June 23 as part of the store’s ongoing speaker series. He also has made an iintroductory video

For those who want to test the waters closer to home before paddling in Africa, Feldstein teaches a course in sea kayaking out of Marina Del Rey through the UCLA Aquatic Center.

He extols the virtues of the boats, birds and sea lions you can see inside the Marina breakwater, and the dolphins and pelicans in the ocean. “It’s hard to believe that you can do all of this and see all of this less than a mile from a major urban center,” he enthuses. And of course, it’s not far from the International Airport that can take you to the Indian ocean off Africa.

Feldstein who has seen the world from mountain tops and ocean troughs is active in the Los Angeles Adventurers Club  and world famous Explorers Club.

Feldstein reminds us all that “Memories are made of the things you do, not the things you wish you had done. “

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Check out the photos for this piece by (c) Alan Feldstein/Infinite Kayak Adventures


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