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LA Judge allows Hendrix estate to; Keep on pushing, Straight ahead

Jimi's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
Jimi's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
Peter Switzer

The estate of Jimi Hendrix learned in court today that they will be allowed to proceed with a $2 million lawsuit in an attempt to recover more than $1 million contributed to a film project, and to declare soundtrack ownership rights to the 1969 Jimi Hendrix concert movie that is at the center of the suit.

LA Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue denied a motion by attorneys for Gerald Goldstein to dismiss the case in May 2011 and reaffirmed her ruling today.

Attorney Brent Blakely was unable to convince the judge to throw the case out.

Trial is set to begin Monday if the two sides cannot settle before Judge Louis Meisenger in a meeting Friday.

The concert footage which Goldstein shot is from Royal Albert Hall in London when Hendrix was honing the new band before the making it's debut in America.

The two sides have disputed the ownership of the motion picture and soundtrack for years.

Then in 2002 Goldstein and the Hendrix Estate entered an agreement which would produce and distribute a film from the 40,00 feet of concert, rehearsal, and backstage footage in a feature type film.

Sony made an offer in 2010 that the Hendrix heirs were ready to agree to when Goldstein decided to turn it down.

The suit by the Hendrix estate followed.

None of the attorneys were able to be reached by press time.


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