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La Jolla Shores lifeguard station not all staked out for Summer

City of San Diego
City of San Diego
WOrk on the new La Jolla Shores lifeguard station moves ahead slow.

San Diegans coming to the La Jolla Shores beach to settle in near the new lifeguard station Memorial Day will not get guarded by lifeguards at a station fully fit for the life saving work. The 146,855 dollar station project stays active.

The San Diego city council counted out more money for the project in District 1 to fund work needed to ensure watch and response works the way the work was designed for the new station.

La Jolla Shores has a larger fleet of rescue vehicles than at the time the station was designed. A consultant the city pays will help the city team adjusst the vehicle operations design at the station.

Work making the visibility at the main observation tower just right remains unfinished. The architect will change the tower plans. Unfit for the everyday SUmmer watch job La Jolla SHores had planned, the tower will be fully built up to sstandards.

The new station, over a year in the making, will stay a work in progress.

The city's decision to add funding to the original project amount for the new La Jolla SHores lifeguard station its its thrid decision for additional funding. Sunny lifeguard work at the shores will not yet make a full shift to its new loccation on the sands in front of the parking lot.

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