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LA gets a new voice with this Oscar worthy facial

Dana Elise
Dana Elise
Dana Elise

It seems that every month is award season in LA, that beautiful and mysterious land of movie stars, rock stars and aspiring singers and actors. Keeping gorgeous is a daily chore for most of us, let alone celebrities, but what if you could find the perfect facial, and have one that enhances your voice too so that you are assured of crystal clear speech the next time you accept a trophy?

Hollywood's best kept secret, the Vocal Facial, was recently introduced at a VIP party at the exclusive House of Blues high up on the Sunset Strip. The best thing about the Vocal Facial is that you don't have to be a rock star or A-Lister to enjoy this routine, but if you are, this is surely the facial for you.

Created by Dana Elise of Dana Elise Solutions in Beverly Hills, California, the Vocal Facial not only delivers beautiful skin, but enhances the voice so that entertainers and other public speakers can give an amazing vocal performance every time.

"At Dana Elise Solutions, we regularly see VIP players in Hollywood to keep their complexion celebrity worthy," states Dana Elise. "It's exciting that they are now booking their Vocal Facial as a 'must have' prep before a show, recording or awards ceremony such as the Golden Globes or Academy Awards.

Dana Elise's glorious Vocal Facial came to her as she was chatting with a friend who was struggling in the recording studio. The friend mentioned that her voice was slightly better after her last facial. As Dana Elise looked back on the treatment she had offered that day, the combination of therapies necessary to create the Vocal Facial began to form in her mind. Dana Elise's Vocal Facial technique has mastered the science of strategic pressure point massage and combined it with lymphatic drainage to help a professional voice sound even better than ever, especially when recording and performing.

"With the Vocal Facial treatment, I am able to focus the client on relaxing the mind and body to open the vocal chords. I begin with a thorough double cleanse, including a double session of mentholated steam and therapeutic essential oils to open the pores and relax the vocal chords." says Dana Elise when starting the Vocal Facial.

According to Dana, steaming with essential oils is key to the procedure because in order to keep the mucous membranes moist and to alleviate any throat inflammation or irritation, it is necessary to increase blood flow throughout the ears, nose and throat. Strategic pressure points on the face also help open the sinuses and relax the throat, allowing for full lung capacity and a smooth voice. Following this soothing and effective massage, Dana applies a diamond tip Microdermabrasion treatment and performs extractions before a custom mask is applied to the face. While the custom mask is doing its magic, Dana gently massages the hands and arms for further total relaxation.

"Who knew there was such a thing as singer's facial. I am a singer/vocal coach and with age, the chops - they aren't what they used to be," exclaimed Sheila, a Dana Elise Solutions client. "Preparing for a show down south (Los Angeles - Sheila lives North of Los Angeles) and was in dire need of some skin glow. The 'mentholly' steam was fantastic, it opened me up and was very relaxing. My skin was radiant and I sang like an angle at my show."

As with all Dana Elise Solutions facials, clients go through a thorough advanced skin analysis, enzyme-derived exfoliation, extractions, performance serums, precision-based masks and moisturizers and sun protection care. The Vocal Facial's breakthrough technique is truly becoming a staple for all who use their voice in the public light.

Another client of Dana Elise Solutions could not help stop raving about her experience with the Vocal Facial. "I am over the moon since discovering that Dana Elise Solutions has a Singers Facial," said Laura, who asked that her last name not be used. "At this point in the winter, every singer I know has overly tight vocal chords and irritated sinuses caused by the weather and the drying effects of heaters. I've been finishing up a new CD and encountered numerous difficulties in the studio with a tense, tight voice. Not only did I leave Dana Elise Solutions with incredibly glowing skin but the feeling that my voice could reach the heavens were I to sing right there in the street. The tone of my speaking voice was noticeably clearer as well. I raced back to the studio with my special packet of singers' teas that Dana provides and sang with a new-found clarity and ease. I did not lose my voice."


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