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LA getaways for new parents: UCLA Lake Arrowhead CC & Mountain Resort

Thumbs up to the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Mountain Resort!
Thumbs up to the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Mountain Resort!
sharon bordas

One of the strangest things about Los Angeles for those who were raised elsewhere is that there are times, when the weather is just right and the air is clear, where you can be driving along the freeway and then suddenly, without any warning, see mountains covered in snow. 

Yes, that's right.  Snow. 

Despite the fact we live in a world of 72 degrees here in Los Angeles, winter snow is just a quick drive away, making the dream of putting your baby in an adorable snowsuit and sliding them down a mountain easily attainable and potentially quite enjoyable. 

The UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center & Mountain Resort is an excellent destination for Angelino parents looking for a quick snowy escape.  Located just off the water in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, the complex was originally built back in the 1920's as an exclusive, high-end resort.  These days it is run by UCLA and primarily serves as a conference center.  However, they are currently offering a UC Family and Friends deal, (which includes staff, students and alumni of the UC system... basically, a large percentage of the population of Southern California) which is extremely reasonable.   Like, a condo (known here as a "condolet" due to the fact that it doesn't include a kitchen) that sleeps four adults and will hold as many pack 'n plays as you can carry is $150 a night. 

The rooms are lovely and the views are spectacular.  The grounds are gorgeous.  There is no television or cable, but there is wireless internet, which means you'll have to be like the kids and watch your favorite shows online.  A meal package is available for an additional fee, making it even easier for a new parent to check in, sit down and relax.  No need to cook or take care of yourself... just take walk through camp down to the dining hall and enjoy a tasty, well cooked meal.  Kids eat for free. 

Now, if they just provided free babysitting...


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