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LA getaways for new parents: Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Fun on the beach in Carlsbad.
Fun on the beach in Carlsbad.
sharon bordas

Rainy days in Los Angeles are rare, but that doesn't mean they can't inspire fantasies of escape.  Stuck in the house with a small child, the mind tends to wander to far away locales... until the reality of traveling with a baby or toddler brings a daydreaming mom crashing back down to reality.  Where to go?  What to bring?  And will it be worth the hassle?

One cure for the rainy-day-new-mom-blues is to set these concerns aside for a moment and plan a getaway.  For something quick, affordable and little person friendly, the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort is just the spot.  Located a couple hours south of Los Angeles, this vacation destination offers all the conveniences you are looking for and sits across the street from the beach. 

What conveniences, you might ask, does a new parent require?  Here's a quick list, all of which are fulfilled by the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort:

  • A full kitchen with dishwasher
  • A separate bedroom where child can be put down to sleep while parents continue their evening in the other room
  • Accessible parking
  • Kid friendly activities and gear
  • Easily walkable, enjoyable destinations
  • Friendly staff
  • Playgrounds, pools and jacuzzi's
  • A big bathroom 
  • A view
  • A fireplace
  • Free internet
  • A DVD player
  • Local restaurants that deliver

Downtown Carlsbad is a sleepy little beach town, filled with the requisite shops and restaurants.  Legoland is a quick drive away, for those of you with experiential ambitions.  But the real joy of the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort is that it's easy.  Grab a cup of coffee at the front desk, pull out the stroller and walk across the street to the beach.  Sit in the sand with your kid and play with rocks.  Throw everything in the dishwasher and take a nap in front of the fire.  Sit on the balcony and have a glass of wine. 

But most of all, hope and pray it doesn't rain. 


  • Erin Johnson 5 years ago

    Great article & great idea -
    And who is that gorgeous baby??

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