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LA Font Begins Their Residency at The Satellite

LA Font answers the call.
LA Font answers the call.
Philip Gadrow

The Satellite, formerly known as Spaceland and consistently praised as one of the more influential independent venues in Los Angeles, has been contributing to the Silver Lake neighborhood and the music scene in L.A. since 1995. From the first concert played there, which featured Beck and the Foo Fighters, to newer bands like Gothic Tropic who have graced its stage in the past year, The Satellite is a focal point of up and coming musicians in Los Angeles.

Every Monday this month, L.A. music fans will have the opportunity to see the indie rock quartet LA Font perform at The Satellite. LA Font, a group whose tracks appear seemingly omnipresent--whether being played on KXLU in Los Angeles or creating moods on shows like House of Lies--have a lot to say.

Perhaps it is the wide and wild spaces of Alaska, Utah, and Montana where singer and guitarist Danny Bobbe grew up and began his journey towards adulthood that prompt this filling, dark ebullience, the feelings that inform the incessant insight and often the sorrow that LA Font brings to their sounds and songs. From the quiet frustration about people talking behind each others' backs in their track "Blood Orange" to the song "Onshore," which sports the shattering lyrics "take a breath of ocean water/say a prayer before I go under/I hope it's true when they say/it's peaceful/it's peaceful," LA Font is accomplished at creating poignant lyrics, layered on exceptional musicianship. Bobbe's cutting lyrics and guitar sound are complemented by the raw guitar playing of Jon Perry, the moody bass of Greg Katz, and the bold drum beats of Harlow Rodriguez. It is no wonder that LA Font is the house band for VICE's "Entitlement" comedy show, have released three well-received recordings, and are going to head out on an East Coast tour after they release "Teen Bazooka/Motor Rally," their fourth recording, on Kill/Hurt Records. LA Font is speaking, and people are drawn to listening, hypnotized by their sound and intoxicated by their words.

Independent music fans can expect nothing but exceptional performances out of LA Font, with the energy of their music translating seamlessly from their recordings to their live shows. LA Font will be joined onstage by a wide spectrum of talent throughout their residency, including loud and unapologetic feminist badasses Girlpool, Sydney-based groovy pop ensemble Lime Cordiale, miserable garage pop darlings Heathers, and Run Things, a band that sounds like a drive to the beach during a summer in Los Angeles. The final night of the residency will be full of celebration, as LA Font will commemorate the release of "Teen Bazooka/Motor Rally," their new 7".

Below is the exhaustive schedule for LA Font's residency. 10print visuals will be accompanying the music.

July 7
12:00 A. M. FIM
11:00 P. M. LA Font
10:00 P. M. The black and the white
9:00 P. M. Lime Cordiale
BuzzBands.LA Presents + DJs

July 14
12:00 A. M. DTCV
11:00 P. M. LA Font
10:00 P. M. Sego
9:00 P. M. DOJA CAT
Superior Music Publishing Presents
Mara Schwartz DJs

July 21
12:00 A. M. Heathers
11:00 P. M. LA Font
10:00 P. M. So Many Wizards
9:00 P. M. Girlpool
KXLU's Cristina and Anna DJ

July 28 – 7" Release Party
12:00 A. M. Washing Machines
11:00 P. M. LA Font
10:00 P. M. Run Things
9:00 P. M. Cy Dune

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