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LA Farmers' Market 101: Is there such a thing as Organic Tequila?

Mixer and recipe.
Mixer and recipe.

Yummy Margaritas - Cheers!!

Well there are rules; for example, it is officially Tequila only if it comes from the authorized region of Mexico. Other Agave spirits must identify themselves as Agave liqueur and may not use the official Tequila moniker. This follows the same labeling protocol as champagne vs. sparkling wine; an effervescent wine may only be labeled Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region of France. Just as this does not stop Napa Valley from producing a myriad of fine sparkling wines it does not stop JB Wagoner’s from creating an excellent 100% Blue Agave 100 Proof agave sprit just north of the border in Temecula, California. Growing their own agave plants and carefully monitoring the process from beginning to end the site also offers naturally low glycemic agave syrup, yum and cane syrup mixers, far superior to the high fructose version in taste and satisfaction made by Temequila Organics. You can pick them up at the Hollywood Farmers Market Sundays 8-1pm.

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