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LA Equestrian 101: How do I find the best horse boarding stable?


Premiium horse boarding stable

If you’re new to Los Angeles or horse ownership in general it can be confusing trying to choose a boarding stable to keep your horse.  There are more options than you would probably imagine in the greater Los Angeles area.  One of the best resources for trying to sort through available horse stables is the California Horseman’s Directory, a free publication that’s available at most tack stores.  The Directory lists horse trainers for all kinds of disciplines, from dressage to western and every thing in between.  It also lists horse boarding facilities by city.

Another great resource is the California Horse Trader, a bi-weekly publication that’s also free at most tack stores.  Besides horse classifieds, there are numerous ads for boarding facilities and training barns.  

There are several factors involved with choosing the right place for you and your equine companion.  They include:

  • Footing – Be sure the footing matches your needs.  Proper footing for jumping, for instance, is different than footing for reining.  If you aren’t sure, ask someone who knows footing to check it out.  
  • Type of feed – Whether they feed hay, cubes or pellets make sure the food is good quality and that they feed enough for your horse to maintain his proper weight.  
  • Location – If you are taking care of your horse alone, you’re better off trying to find a boarding facility near your home or work.  
  • Access to trails – Are you more interested in trail riding than winning ribbons in the show ring?  Then make sure that your boarding barn is near a large and well-developed horse trail system.
  • Cost – Affordable board can be hard to find in Los Angeles.  The trick is balancing all the factors above with how much room you have in your monthly budget.   

Finally, hang out at each place you are considering and get a feel for the atmosphere.  Boarding stables are like small towns and each has a personality of it’s own.  Are you more interested in the serious show crowd or are you more of a casual trail rider type?  Most importantly, how happy do the horses look that live there.  Do they stick their noses out to greet you or cower in the back of their stalls?  You’ll be spending a lot of time at your new horse boarding stable but your horse will be living there so the barn has to be a place where you’ll both feel happy.  



  • Linda Ann Nickerson - Milwaukee Equestrian Examine 5 years ago

    Excellent ideas for equestrians!