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La'Domour suggest Pure Hood XXXTACY then "Get Laid"

La’Domour, pronounced La’de-a-mour, aka, Myron Thurmond created this unique fashion of music we know as Alternative R&B. After groovin’ to La’Domour scrupulous flavor of sound for several hours, La’Domour recipe resonates a smooth funk of R&B, hip-hop, rock and sexual jazz; which echoes stimulating jazz- targeting the mature and flirtatious!

On stage jamming'!
On stage jamming'!
Mark Anthony Las Vegas Spotlight
Sexin', steppin,' and  seekin' that inner soulmate..

La’Domour is a songwriter, on top of being an accomplished, gifted musician that perfected 5 musical instruments and came out with this dope, not to mention his seventh stimulating CD entitled “PURE HOOD XXXTACY.”

That’s right! La’Domour’s music reveals the quintessence of love.

One might ask, what's behind the music?

It's no secret that the streets can be mean; however, as a youngster, La'Domour grew up in the mighty Motown and decided to focus only on his dreams. Consequently, living in Detroit, Michigan, La’Domour was influenced by great artists', on top of being in the midst of a movement called change; contributing that philosophy to the Motown sound. In fact, Earl Van Dyke, “an African American soul musician, most notable as the main keyboardist for Motown Records' in-house Funk Brothers band during the late 1960s and early ‘70s” (reference from Wikipedia) took La’Domour under his wing for many years as his pride possession-his personal student. Just rockin' and rollin' with it!

Nevertheless, upon adolescence, La’Domour had already made a name for himself around town. He started his own band, (Band named Parish) composed, wrote and performed in huge concerts, shows and events. Nowadays, La'Domour is always revamping his distinct sound! Now, that's what's up!

After La’Domour’s VH1 feature celebrity highlight, his musical message was provocatively exposed to “arouse your mind and seduce your soul;" livin' a life of peace-where love is the ultimate goal.

Aw, right on for the right on!

Alright, check out the "Get Laid" video and slide show. Also, visit:

If that's not enough, listen up on to find out what's so hot about the "Get Laid" video.

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