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LA Dogs Love Bully Sticks!

LA dogs love bully sticks and so do their guardians!
LA dogs love bully sticks and so do their guardians!
Theresa Mahoney

When it comes to dog treats, I love a healthy, reliable, nutritious option - and so does my Bliss! Doggyloot bully sticks are wholesome chews that are low in fat, high in protein, and guaranteed low-odor. They're also 100% natural and digestible - unlike chemically treated rawhides. They are a great way to maintain your dog's teeth and gums while satisfying their desire to chew.

I am such a believer in bully sticks that when Bliss was a baby, I actually bought 500 of them so that we both could make it though those rough puppy years. And the plan worked..

If you are a man, you might not want to read the following paragraph...

Bully Sticks are 100% Beef Sticks Dog Treats and dog chews, made from the pizzle or penis of the bull. Pizzles have historically been used for different purposes from walking canes to medicinal powders, and are eaten in their raw or cooked form by humans in certain parts of the world today. In the United States, pizzles are most commonly used as dog chews.

Most people prefer bully sticks that are from either the US or South America because of the safety and cooking standards employed. It is my belief that bully sticks from India and China are of inferior quality and not cooked or prepared properly, so I always watch out for that.

Here are the top three reasons LA dog lovers give their pups bully sticks:

Entertainment. Give your pooch a bully stick to keep her occupied.These chews are perfect to give your dog during dinner or when you leave the house to help curb separation anxiety.

Oral Hygiene. Brushing teeth and dental visits aren’t fun for anyone - including our furry friends. Give your dog a bully stick to help clean teeth naturally.

Doggyloot from Modern Dog Magazine is offering a special deal on these tasty treats. are some of the best you’ll find on the market! They’re low-odor, they’re super affordable, and they are shipped to your door for free. You’re not going to find a better deal on this quality of treat anywhere else.

In stores you will pay $5.00 or more per bully stick. This deal from Doggyloot bring the price down to only $1.90 per stick...and includes free shipping!

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