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LA dog owners can enjoy a green lawn!

LA dog owners: do what the royals do for a green lawn by using Dog Rocks!
Dog Rocks

Save your lawn from those nasty brown patches caused by your dog’s urine with Dog Rocks! These 100% natural, proven and convenient rocks absorb the impurities from your dog’s water to prevent lawn burn patches. Just place a rock in your pet’s water dish and voila: a green lawn! Dog Rocks act like a sponge and only need to be replaced every two months. They work with all dog breeds (cats can use it too), and do not change the pH balance of your pet’s urine. Already popular in the UK, and used by the royal family, including Price William and Duchess Kate’s puppy, as well as the lawns of Downton Abbey and Hogwarts School! Sold in a one pack (lasts two months), three pack (lasts six months) and six pack (lasts one year)… starting at $16.99.

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