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LA Dodgers trade rumors: David Price, Jon Lester linked in Dodgers rumors

David Price may have pitched his final game for the Tampa Bay Rays.
David Price may have pitched his final game for the Tampa Bay Rays.
Photo by Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images

LA Dodgers trade rumors have sure kept fans busy. Among the most notable Dodgers trade rumors out there include David Price and Jon Lester coming to town for prospects. According to a report from CBS Sports on Wednesday (July 30), the Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals are the two teams most aggressively pursuing an improvement to their starting rotations. It's quite clear that the two National League power teams are planning for series runs at the 2014 World Series.

It's already common knowledge that Lester was pulled from his start for the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday, with the team turning to Brandon Workman as a replacement in the rotation. This appears to clear the way for a deal to take place, even if it doesn't clarify which team is in the lead when it comes to negotiations. It could also be a ploy by the front office of Boston, showing all franchises around baseball that he is indeed going to be dealt before the MLB trade deadline.

Concerns about Josh Beckett and Dan Haren are why the new LA Dodgers trade rumors have been popping up. With how active the team has been at the deadline in recent seasons, it would almost be more surprising if the team didn't make a deal this year. ESPN has refuted an earlier report that stated outfield prospect Joc Pederson had been offered up in a deal for Lester. A source from the Dodgers stated it just wasn't true, pointing toward the team feeling a need to hold on to Pederson.

By committing to holding Pederson in this fashion, it also raises questions about whether the Dodgers will trade one or more of their outfielders. There is still a log jam on the roster and Matt Kemp has not been quiet about his feelings on the subject. He wants nothing to do with a rotation, but another franchise would have to take on a lot of his contract if a deal were to work out. Even if a deal involving an outfielder doesn't happen, it looks like the Dodgers are heavily involved in acquiring another starting pitcher soon.