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LA Comedy 101: What are Webisodes, and which television networks are producing them?


As was predicted during the WGA negotiations of ’07-‘08, the Web is definitely where it’s at. If you need clarification as to what “it” is, look up the following terms: acting, writing, directing, editing, producing, executive producing, advertising, blogging, performing stand-up, performing surgery (visit, interviewing celebs and being the spokesperson and/or entourage of public figures and their kin. There are more "its" to be certain, but let’s not go nuts.

Since the Web is where It is at, major film studios and television networks are getting increasingly more involved. They want a piece of It, of course, and why shouldn’t they? They have the infrastructure for high-quantity, high-quality (mostly) production, and they have the motivation. According to the Associated Press, digital video ads like those seen while watching online content more than doubled from $324 million in 2007 to $734 million in 2008 (see

So, since the Big Its have the goods and the ganas, which of them are actually coming out with worthy Webstuffs?

I took a look at HBO’s new comedic series “Got No Game” hosted by Emmy- and Peabody-procuring comedian Paul Mecurio (the show posts every Friday through September 4th) and found that Mecurio does actually have a bit of game. He has enough game, in fact, that if he were struck down on a hunting trip and roasted à l'orange, he would make a few at the table grit their teeth and reach for the Cabernet Franc.

What makes Mecurio’s game particularly meaty is the fact that when he is satiric, his subjects are so willing to play – even when they are being played. Mecurio’s style is not even all that subtle: “Do you have brown nose insurance?” and “Are you good at burying dead hookers?”

Should Paul Mecurio feel compunction about teasing boxers’ posses in this way? I guess not, so long as his subjects see the red light and strategically placed HBO logo on the Panasonic AG-HPX300.

So far, HBO has posted two episodes of “Got No Game” – the first, a collection of interviews with behind-the-fight players in Vegas, and the second, a more straightforward chat with renowned announcer Michael “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” Buffer wherein Mecurio gets Buffer to announce such tidbits as “Let’s get ready to go antiquing." Mecurio also convinces the vocal legend to engage in surprising antics with a balloon.

Next time you are peckish for a polished and tasty, big-studio Web laugh, check This out.


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