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La Clarine Rousette goat's milk cheese


La Clarine Farms is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are a farmstead producer – the entire production occurs on their farm. Their cheeses are hand-made in small batches from raw milk. Their goats are pastured year-round and are not treated with any chemicals or artificial substances.

Rousette is a small-format washed-rind cheese. It is aged for just over 60 days, and becomes slightly runny with a chalky center. During aging, the cheese is washed twice a week with whey. The rind is edible; in my round it was a bit sticky, but it added character to the cheese.

The paste was a dark ivory with a slight gray shade. The center was a lighter ivory, and the paste itself was rather firm. It broke when bent, but even at room temperature it was not runny. It may have been past its peak, but was still quite good. The aroma was vegtal with a slight hint of goaty-ness, the scent of hay, and of toasted nuts. In the mouth, the cheese was toasty, vegetal, creamy and smooth, with just a bit of straw.

Overall, this was a nice cheese. It was not overwhelming on the nose or on the palate, but had enough character for it to stand up to more mundane selections. I found this cheese at Sunset Corner’s Wine Shop. I checked on-line for any mail-order sources, but did not find any. If a reader knows of other sources, please let me know!


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