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La Cita Bar - Another dingy gem in once shady Downtown Los Angeles.

Enter- LA Cita Bar
Enter- LA Cita Bar

La Cita Bar
336 S. Hill St. Downtown Los Angeles
Metro: Pershing Square.

Think, upgraded hipster house party with plenty of seating for all.
If you frequent The Redwood Bar near by, then you should already know about La Cita. If not, what is wrong with you?

Another dingy gem in once shady Downtown Los Angeles. La Cita's dark, red vinyl influenced ambiance quenches your divant thirst like a cheap well drink.
Always packed with a tattooed indie type crowd, 2 bars, and a wicked outside patio sporting a picture'esc view of the downtown LA city scape. A perfect retreat from the noisey under world inside, where local bands regularly punish the peace and quiet with engaging force.

Weekends begin on Thursdays, when LA guerilla art icon Shepard Fairey and DJ Pube$ pound out danceable 80's, 90's alternative deep into the night. But it's Friday night's Punk/Reggae fiesta when La Cita bar really sizzles.
The Dub Club and Part-Time Punk DJs crank out the best Ska, Vintage Punk and Reggae to a hell bent crowd.

Last but never least, another genius amenity of their location is the entire block is spotted with an array of taco stops and ramen eateries to soak up all the drinks you've just sucked down at La Cita's "once" fully stocked bar!

Avoid the DUI and the parking agony. Jump the Metro at Pershing Square and pass out on the subway while trying to make a hasty exit.
Go hang out at this bar now!