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LA Chefs Event - Open Mic Night at Scratch|Bar w. Chef Jason Fullilove Jan 12

Chef Jason Fullilove
Chef Jason Fullilove
Image courtesy of SHGfoto

This coming Sunday, January 12th as part of the "Open Mic" Sunday nights at Scratch|Bar in Beverly Hills, Chef Jason Fullilove will provide a seven course prix fixe menu for $65. This dinner will be a preview of the chef's very seasonal, very sustainable seafood menu going to be served at the restaurant in Malibu where Jason will be the executive chef opening this year. The dishes for both this preview and on the forthcoming restaurant's menu will be very chef driven and very creative with bold flavors that are still familiar to people.

Chef Jason Fulliove's agnolotti
Image courtesy of SHGfoto

The prix fixe menu for Sunday night includes the following seven courses:

  • UNI, Deviled Egg, Yuzu Kosho, Asian Pear, Pickled Daikon, Cilantro Flower
  • BIG EYE TUNA, Crushed Olive, Bergamot Sour Orange, Pistachio
  • NANTUCKET BAY SCALLOPS, Avocado, Serrano Chili, Puffed Sorghum, Lemon, Radish
  • VEAL SWEETBREADS, Green Sriracha, Corn Pudding, Mizuna
  • OXTAIL AGNOLOTTI, Marrow, Watercress Braising Jus, Shaved Pecorino
  • SPICE CURED SMOKED LAMB BELLY, Cous Cous, Pickled Apple, Parsnip, Salsify, Carrot
  • GLAZED CROISSANT DOUGHNUT with Smoked Coco Nibs and Sea Salt Mexican Hot Chocolate

As of right now, the a la carte menu that' will be served at the restaurant will include a raw section (with some fun items like the uni on the deviled egg being served Sunday night), starters, seafood entrees and land and air plates.

Chef Fullilove has always wanted to run a seafood restaurant. He notes almost every restaurant always has chicken, beef pork, and lamb on the menu but with items from the ocean, chefs have so many different things they can pull from since with so many different types of fish, the possibility of flavor combinations is endless. For Jason though sustainability is a big issue. Thus he references the Monterrey Aquarium guidelines a lot, does his own research and works with a really good fish supplier American Fish. His rep at American Fish is also really into sustainable seafood so these two are on the same page.

Some of the fish that will be served at the restaurant are farmed like the sustainable baramundi which eats a complete vegetarian diet but still grows to full size. The big eye tuna dish being served Sunday night is farmed Spanish blue fin. Whereas a lot of the other fish the restaurant will be getting have quota's in place so that these fish are not over-fished. Jason notes, "We make sure we get the fish from responsible fisheries and responsible farms...none of the fish will be caught by trolling." So the chef knows his fisherman and how his fish are caught .

"Open Mic" Nights are an ongoing series of one night pop-ups at Scratch|Bar during January, February and thus far March. Here's the full schedule: Reservations for Chef Fullilove's dinner or future events can be made through Open Table on the restaurant's website or by calling Scratch|Bar directly at 310.289.8010 . With "Open Mic" Sunday Nights, Scratch|Bar's executive chef Phillip Frankland Lee wanted to provide other young chefs an opporutinity to run a kitchen for a night not unlike an opportunity provided him a few years back at Test Kitchen. If any other chefs who currently aren't running a brick and mortar kitchen would like to participate, please contact Phillip at for details.


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