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LA Chefs' Concepts: Cafe Rockenwagner, a modern LA bistro

Cafe Rockenwagner Rasberry  tarte
Cafe Rockenwagner Rasberry tarte
Image courtesy of SHGfoto

LA Chef Hans Rockenwagner appreciates everything that's around him in this city. So with his latest location in his budding empire west of the 405, Cafe Rockenwagner, he and his team including executive chef Kayson Chong are taking the bounty of what California has to offer, combining it with Los Angeles's cultural history, and then putting the results on a plate. Items include a little bit of German, a little bit of Asian, a little bit of the Middle East, a little bit of Mexican as well as other ethnic flavors. All of these influences are going to be reflected in this concept's menu.

Roasted pepper crusted short rib at Cafe Rockenwagner
Image courtesy of SHGfoto

Additionally Chef Rockenwagner stated, "We live in a very fast paced city, so we are trying to offer items that are of good value." Initially this location will only be opened for dinner, though very soon they're also going to be open for breakfast, and lunch so patrons may visit for a croissant in the morning, a delicious lunch in the afternoon or for a dinner date. That's what they want to be, that "go to" restaurant when you think "where do you want to have lunch today, let's go to Cafe Rockenwagner" or when you want a coffee and pastry, you're going to go to Cafe Rockenwagner for the amazing pastries made by pastry chef Cesar Bermudez, one of the most talented pastry chefs that Chef Rockenwagner says he's ever met.

Chef Rockenwagner emphasized that the dishes at Cafe Rockenwagner are meant to satisfy. They don't want this location to be a flash in a pan. Instead they want to be there in Brentwood at the corner of Wilshire and S. Barrington a long time serving food that sticks in your memory, and that you can think of and visualize once you leave. They're not trying to reinvent the culinary Pantheon. That's not what they're trying to do. Instead they're serving honest food at good value. Something that is simply satisfying. To chef Rockenwagner that's key because he kept asking "who are we? What are we? We want to be a satisfying restaurant." Again Chef Rockenwagner reiterated he wanted to be that "go to" place whenever people thought of some place satisfying to eat: a modern LA bistro.