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LA Chef Event - Guest Chef Pajo Bruich at Scratch|Bar

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Starting next week for the next three weeks every Monday and Tuesday ( April 21/21, April 28/29 and May 5/6) will feature guest Chef Pajo Bruich doing a special 10 course menu at the chef's counter at Scratch|Bar in Beverly Hills on N. La Cienega. There will be two seatings at 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Most recently Bruich was the Executive Chef of Enotria Restaurant in Sacremento, CA. At Enotria, Bruich received rave reviews including a four star review from the Sacremento Bee whose restaurant critic, Blair Anthony Robertson, proclaimed that Enotria is the “Best Restaurant in Sacramento and beyond.”

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For Bruich, his cuisine reflects his experiences as well as what he loves to eat and what he believes others also love to eat. For him, the nature of the craft is feeding other people. He also finds inspiration from ingredients, flavors, international dishes, other chef’s work, the seasons, and often visual stimulation. All of these things drive his creative inspiration.

Chef Bruich studied fine arts and industrial design. His dishes definitely reflect that art and industrial design background with distinct elements compositionally well balance to form a complete dish. Bruich noted that his “highly tuned technical approach to my food" is "a result of that schooling." He strives for precision and beauty as well as and equal to the taste and flavors.

After imagining a concept, Chef Bruich writes down his ideas and translates those thoughts into sketches. He thinks about the flavors and textural variations of a dish, and how they will interplay with one another. Then he starts cooking. According to Bruich, "once the ingredients are touched, felt and tasted, the dishes always organically take on a life of their own, in a natural direction that is best suited for the flavors and ingredients at hand." He tests and tests each dish until he feels that dish is ready to serve.

His month long stage at Benu with Chef Corey Lee also made a huge impact upon Chef Bruich. Bruich was amazed by the discipline, the focus, and the finesse. Chef Lee is disciplined, demanding, focused, and precise. His intensity is inspiring. Everyone in Chef Lee's kitchen cooked with purpose and intensity. The lessons from this experience are something that Bruich has since taken with him to every kitchen as part of his culinary approach and philosophy.

Chef Bruich constantly tells himself that he needs to improve. So he's constantly pushing himself to grow. He's constantly reading, learning, and researching. He's always playing with new ingredients and techniques. As he's matured, his cuisine is becoming less about himself and more about his desire to please the diner. Bruich states, "My cuisine is becoming more refined, more focused, and more thoughtful. I think about what other people want, what they will enjoy, and what their dining experience will be like."

Chef Bruich is in the process of relocating to the Los Angeles area. According to Bruich the culinary scene in LA right now is really growing with some amazing chefs like David Nayfeld at Fifty Seven. Craig Thornton at Wolvesmouth. Ori Menashe at Bestia. Jeremy Fox of Rustic Canyon, Chef Jordan Kahn at Red Medicine and Ludo at Trois Mec. Bruich proclaims, "It’s an exciting place to be a Chef, and I can’t wait to make my impact here."

To be one of Chef Pajo Bruich's first patrons at the chef counter at Scratch bar please email, call 916.532.7178 or send a reservation request via Scratch Bar's website (click hyperlink).