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La Ceiba

You can consider visiting places like Little Havana with your homeschool kids. You can learn about the magic of the tree called the Ceiba. There is so much folklore and history in Little Havana to explore. Take time out of this Winter to explore South to Miami. You can drive down on I-95 South and explore Little Havana.

First take a trip to the Wilkes Public Library and get book on Little Havana. You can learn more about the Cuban-American community. You can learn how the city of Miami emerged and the folklore or art in Miami. You can get books on the Art being developed in Miami. You can get may books to guide to teach your youngsters.

Then consider taking a tour of Little Havana and exploring the Ceiba. You can take a tour of the tree and explore Miami's Little Havana. Explore Little Havana and learn more about the magic of this tree brought from Cuba to America. You can contact me for more details on a educational tour of Little Havana at

You can read more about the tree at :

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