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LA Blogs- Gen Y's trusted news sources

Kaka, right, embraces Felipe Melo in Johannesburg, South Africa, May 31, 2010.
Kaka, right, embraces Felipe Melo in Johannesburg, South Africa, May 31, 2010.
AP Photo/Andre Penner

Today the U.S. Soccer team arrived in South Africa to compete in arguably the most popular sporting event in the world. Brazilian team members Kaka and Felipe Melo openly embraced one another after allegations of poor sportsmanship. And German coach Jogi Löw is sweating the 23-man World Cup roster deadline tomorrow. Reported not from CNN, or BBC NEWS, but by Generation Y’s favorite source for information and news: the blog.

The highly criticized Millennials (typically classified as roughly 18 to 29-year-olds)  comfortably depend on non-accountable, irresponsbile bloggers with thoughts not bound by corporate reliability or censorship—or even credibility. While journalists worry about the future of news reporting, the laissez-faire Gen Y post their favorite “articles” and videos on the ubiquitous platform of Facebook. Why? It’s relatable, it’s concise, it’s accessible, it’s interactive, and simply because it’s just funnier. Blogs speak a language browsers feel like they understand. They can openly criticize, comment, view, and devastatingly enough, trust as true news sources.

The Internet is blowing up with creativity, diversity and fearlessness. Minds are wandering free of charge, and no one has to worry about wrangling in advertisers to get their words out to the public. There are obvious degrees of blogs from fan culture to free marketing; even hard news sources such as the Los Angeles Times have surrendered to the platform. The aspiring whatever or the angry teen or the amateur critic or the president of the fan club can rally for their cause and build their voice right alongside professional writers and artists.

Instead of having the daily newspaper delivered to your doorstep (along with the massive expenditure of the cost and energy to actually read it), the Generation of Self-Entitlement turns on their laptops and roams the blogosphere. But, admittingly, no matter the topic or the dependability of the source, blogs are a huge driving force behind the attainment of knowledge and inspiration. News gathered from such sites can be dangerous for educational purposes, but all is not lost in their purpose (except perhaps grammar and spell check).

So what better way to get to know your city and the brains that form it than clicking on links and focusing for a mere two to three minutes. After all, notorious celebrity blogger Perez Hilton started his own grammatically impaired captions and kindergarten drawings at an LA coffee shop.

The Great Taco Hunt – While Arizona and California duke it out over illegal immigration, LA’s taco selection remains to be a plus one for Team California. Stalk your favorite taco truck or find out what’s new in taco news in your very own neighborhood.

Backstory – An Inquiring Mind (Los Angeles Times Magazine) – LA Times Magazine writer Annie Jacobsen, famous for speaking out about who she believed were terrorists on a Northwest Airlines flight in 2004, covers unique news ranging from entertainment to current events to cultural developments.

Losangjealous - Find out who’s coming to town, free ticket giveaways and view photos from the shows you never even knew about.

OCD Center of Los Angeles Blog - Professional baseball players struggling with Social Anxiety; a clinical investigation of Tiger Woods’ sex addiction; and how to treat your ophidiophobia or arachnophobia with a trip to the zoo—say no more for this unexpected favorite.

The Streets Are Calling - Entertaining people are never in short supply in LA, and this photo blog is enough to prove anyone who believes the contrary.

LA Blips - Discover what’s going on all over the city without having to waste your precious time sifting through the nonsense on your own. Also a great preventive technique to avoid those personal social instances of, “What the hell are these people talking about?!”

Witness LA - Brought to you by the Justice and Journalism Fund, this watchdog blog is your daily dose of social justice (or more commonly, injustice). Take a second to educate yourself on what goes on beyond your local news station.

LA Can’t Drive - Join LA in judging the morons that populate the roads through the highly scientific “Idiocy” and “***hole” meters used to determine just how terrible one driver is capable of being.

Green LA Girl - This environmentally conscious female writes about eco-friendly, sustainable living in Los Angeles. Bonus: Friday and Wednesday freebie postings on where to get your supply of green goods without having your credit card pay the price.

Hidden LA - Not so hidden, but still a conscious attempt to steer away from the tourist traps, brought to you by the people who have been there on their own accord. Stay connected by joining the Facebook group—God forbid anything happens without you.

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  • Jason 5 years ago

    Your really need to get with it for music. No other site reviews more LA shows and gives show tickets away then And gives away lots of show tickets. Both way more than

  • organdonor 5 years ago

    thanks for hitting up the streets... much appreciated


  • Jason 5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of They have a calendar of local LA events only for events under $10. Their blog is a good read too with tips on how to get by in LA on a low budget.

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