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LA baby shops: Riginals in Century City

Rocking the BabyLegs
Rocking the BabyLegs
sharon bordas

There are times when the only way to deal with baby induced sleep deprivation is to purchase a jaunty hat.  Or some fashionable baby leggings.  Or pajamas covered in geishas, a t-shirt that reads, "I love my gay uncle" or super small designer jeans.  When in need of a soul restoring purchase, Riginals in Century City is the perfect destination for a quick self-indulgent treat.

The lovely ladies that run Riginals used to also have a store on Overland called Peanut Butter Playground.  But times are tough in the retail business and they appear to have downsized their operation.  What they have not compromised is their good taste and cheerful service.  Riginals carries designer baby items from the bigger lines, such as Aden & Anais (the people who make those amazing muslin baby blankets) and BabyLegs, (creators of the super awesome baby leg warmers) but they also have unique boutique offerings you won't see everywhere else.  Employees are kind and well informed.  Prices are reasonable-ish; meaning somewhere between the Gap and the typical high end LA baby boutique.

Riginals is located in the Century City mall, adjacent to the Container Store escalators.  Not that you'll be taking those escalators.  The best bet at the Century City mall for the stroller brigade is to park next to the Bloomingdale elevators.  And if you're lucky, a handsome man will smile and hold the door for you while you wheel that baby inside.  See, washing your hair was worth it after all!