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La Antiguedad: My Father Cigars hasn't lost a single step.

The newest offering from My Father Cigars
The newest offering from My Father Cigars
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He successfully got me. Jose Ortega of My Father Cigars bombarded my news feed with Instagrams and Tweets galore featuring the newest rolled gold from the mad scientists behind Don Pepin and My Father cigars. La Antiguedad was a term already in my mind months before the actual cigar made its debut on the shelf of Broadway Cigar Co. I was teased and taunted by Senior Ortega's constant postings as he made his way across the country, bringing with him the newest treasure MFC had to offer. Well the day finally came, and I have finally sampled my very first La Antiguedad, and it was worth the preemptive salivation.

This particular smoke is the product of a collaboration between Jose "Don Pepin" Garcia and his talented son Jaime Garcia. Right off the bat, this Nicaraguan beauty is strikingly gorgeous. The notorious quality of My Father construction shows through in the beautiful Habano Ecuador Rosado Oscuro wrapper. This wrapper has a medium sheen to it and a wonderful velvet-like texture to the touch. Much like it's predecessor - the incredibly successful Flor de Las Antillas - the band on La Antiguedad is a piece of art in its own right and should be admired thusly.

As beautiful as this cigar is aesthetically, you really must light one up to fully appreciate the thought and execution involved in creating this smoke. The stick is filled to the brim with Nicaraguan fillers grown on plantations owned and used exclusively by My Father cigars. After the filler leaves are gathered, they are bound together with robust and flavorful Corojo and Criollo wrappers. The sum of these parts is a wonderful medium to full body flavor. This smoke is not as intensely flavored as the Antillas and that's a good thing in my opinion. Having found myself typically leaning to the bolder, more full bodied cigars, it's refreshing to find a cigar I enjoy just as thoroughly that offers a smoother experience, with equal enjoyability on the pallet.

As stated before the construction of these cigars follows the likes of all Don Pepin cigars. It's draw is smooth and uninhibited. The smoke is plentiful and thick. From first light, to the last savory pull on this magnificent stogie, The flavor remains consistently present and never over powering. This stick has all the makings of yet another home run from the geniuses at My Father Cigars. It is a fine example of the quality being produced by this Boutique Cigar juggernaut, and I certainly can't wait to see what they come up with next.