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L'Wren Scott's will odd wording: ‘My’ Michael Philip Jagger, crosses off ‘never’

L'Wren Scott left entire $9 million estate to Jagger and nothing to her family in her will.
L'Wren Scott left entire $9 million estate to Jagger and nothing to her family in her will.

L’Wren Scott left her entire estate worth $9 million to Mick Jagger, leaving absolutely nothing to her family members. This is indicates just how important Jagger was in her life and very telling about how she felt about her family members. Scott’s sister started a feud with Jagger over the funeral location almost immediately after the news of her sister’s death went public, according to Contact Music on March 27.

Jan Shane, Scott’s sister, “blasted” Jagger for holding Scott’s funeral in L.A., claiming that he “hijacked” her funeral. Her sister said she is going to be alone in the cemetery in L.A. and that she should have been buried in Utah next to her parents.

Scott and Jagger were together for 13-years and while their relationship wasn’t as much of a media circus as other celebrities, from all accounts the two were very devoted to each other. When Scott named Jagger as the only beneficiary to her will, this was very telling. It stands to reason that he would be the one to decide where her final resting place should be.

Jagger barely made it through the last few days, as he is so overcome with despair, In contrast, Scott’s sister has taken to the media bashing his decision for her funeral. She is already telling the media that she wants the family pictures that her sister took when their mother passed away.

Shane didn’t even attend her sister’s funeral, L’Wren’s brother, Randall Bambrough was the only family member to show up. She was buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Tuesday, according to Hollywood Life on March 27.

While it was reported that Scott was in debt for $6 million at the time of her death, the $9 million estimated value of her estate mostly consists of her $8 million Manhattan condo, according to ABC News today.

People close to Jagger say they’ve never seen him so distraught. The news of L’Wren’s suicide hit him hard and he can barely function. He buried his partner of 13 years and hasn't participated in the media circus that Scott's sister has sparked.

On the other hand, Scott's sister was ready to do battle over the funeral. L’Wren purposely left her sister and brother out of the will, which is something she states in the will. She left everything, every last morsel she owned, to Jagger. Part of her will states:

“I give all my jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles, and other tangible articles of a personal nature, or my interest in any such property, not otherwise specifically disposed of by this will or any other matter together with my insurance on the property, to Michael Philip Jagger. I give the rest and residue of my estate to my Michael Philip Jagger.”

Notice how she writes "my Michael Philip Jagger," which sounds as if it is a term of endearment. According to Hollywood Life L’Wren specifically stated she wanted nothing to go to her family. As part of the will states:

“Expect if otherwise provided in this will, I have intentionally omitted to provide herein for any other my heirs living at the date of my death.”

An odd line found in her will was when she wrote “I have never been married. I have no children,” but at a later date she crossed out the word “never.” She didn’t provide an explanation in her will as to why she crossed out the word. Some speculate that she may have considered Jagger her husband after the years together went by.

Scott couldn’t have made it any clearer that Jagger was the love of her life and that she wanted her family left without a dime from her estate. Knowing how Scott felt about her family, it was very appropriate for Jagger to make all the funeral decisions.

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