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L.A. sheriffs plant drugs at medical marijuana dispensary, according to charges

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In Los Angeles, two former L.A. deputy sheriffs officers were charged with planting guns at a medical marijuana dispensary. Since they were charged and not just disciplined, we know their actual names.

Disciplined cops have their names withheld in California, because why should the public know of cops who are disciplined in the performance of their duties anyway?

They are Julio Martinez and Anthony Paez. They turned off the electricity and a security camera and proceeded to plant guns, according to the charges.

A video, fortunately, showed the cops as lying. So the arrest of Antonio Rhodes and Johnny Yang, who they stated did a drug deal while in possession of a gun, was based on these lies. Yang entered a plea and served a year in prison.

I imagine that prosecutors will oppose overturning his conviction, even though he has been released. There is no basis for believing him guilty, especially in light of the fact that innocent people do plea guilty when faced with the risk of a conviction at a trial, and a much longer sentence.

Also, this goes to show how failed our war on drugs really is in fact. This is not a solitary example of corruption by law enforcement. While police in the U.S. are not like police in Mexico, there is still a good deal of corruption.

It also goes to show how some police think they are above the law. Bad cops erase video and arrest people for filming them, luckily in this case, at least one video tape survived. Finally, I wonder if the planting of these guns had anything to do with possible opposition to medical marijuana by these cops.