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L.A.'s new hot spot is the sex toy store

So, It's a Friday night and after finishing a lovely dinner with my man, we were trying to figure out what to do next. A movie maybe? Nah, Everything good would be sold out and I was too tired to stay up for a later show. How about listening to music?
It seemed like a hassle to try to find a place to go. A nightclub? Were you listening? I already had someone to take home.

Well, where could we go and be entertained? I knew that answer. A store that always entertains and inspires: A sex toy shop.

OK, before you run off and hide in the Grove’s Apple Store, think about it.

We all know that sex is lovely, with hearts and flowers coming out of our butts and baby making in our hearts. But maybe, just maybe, it’s also supposed to be really fun. Sex should still have a ‘WHEEEEEE’ roller coaster factor. It’s vital to keep things lively and fresh and exciting. I mean, just because we grow up, doesn’t mean we stop wanting to play with toys, dressing up or acting out fantasies. For example, remember ladies, how much fun you used to have playing dress up when you were little or playing with dolls? Didn’t your Barbie get down with Ken?

Or guys, how great was it to get some hot gun and play cowboys and Indians, or save the world (and the maiden) in your Superman costume?

I got news for you: Nothing really changes. We just get older and the toys get a little more specific. So why not continue to play, just in bed?

So our first stop was in the heart of West Hollywood.

The Pleasure Chest

The thing I like about the Pleasure Chest is that it’s not one of those dark, creepy adult stores populated only “To Catch a Predator” men, all looking like the only women they’ve seen in the past decade is the inflatable kind.(Trust me, I’ve been there.)

Pleasure Chest is a well lit, rockin' store. And when I say rockin', I mean it, because they had their own DJ playing music. And the place was absolutely packed with normal looking couples laughing and holding hands and checking stuff out. Couples you'd see at church or the grocery store, buying sex toys instead of cereal.

Buying what, you ask? You've got your vibrating toys and your toys that can spank. You've got lubes that taste like chocolate and naughty nighties. There are glamorous rhinestone covered handcuffs and movies for couples to enjoy together. Plus, PLENTY of Make ME Happy Toys for those who are in between relationships. I mean, this place has everything.

Plus the added bonus: The P.C. staff cannot be shocked, weirded out or disgusted. I’ve tried. They’re cool cats. They’ve heard it all and seen it all. They’re the Buckingham Palace guards of the sex toy industry. They won’t flinch. So however naughty your kink is, or however new to the scene you may be, have no fear. The staff is incredibly professional.

The Hustler Store

Of course, if you’re cruising Sunset Strip, it’s just as easy to pop into the Hustler Store.

Some people know only know Hustler for its nudie mag or its infamous owner, Larry Flynt. But, wake up, kids, Hustler is an enormous planet onto its own with magazines, movies, clothing, lingerie, toys and stores.

Hustler Hollywood is kind of Hard Rock Café of Sex. Bright and cheery, Hustler has little more of a touristy feel, I wandered in one night and couldn’t help but feel that the young ladies circling the merchandise were hoping to be discovered or meet Mr. Flynt himself. (Neither one occurred.)

But there’s plenty of shiny objects to keep this kitty occupied. Especially if you’re from out of state, or have relatives from a tiny little town. There’s plenty of merchandise bearing the store’s name, which seems to be a big draw. And enough costumed lingerie to satisfy any cheerleading / school girl / police woman fantasy out there. It may not be the highest quality but it will do the trick and it’s reasonably priced.

The store has an exstensive library of XXX movies, so don’t plan on inviting over Grandma. And their toys range from a few dollars to fancy pants in the hundreds.

But my favorite part of the Hustler Store is the books store / cafe. Hustler Hollywood boasts an impressive book collection of beautiful erotic photography and how-to’s for just about any how? you could ask for.

So, the next time you find yourself a little bored on a Friday night, stop into your friendly neighborhood adult toy shop. You may find that the fun will continue at home.


  • Mike Szymanski, Bisexuality Examiner 5 years ago

    Not that I go there that often, but somehow EVERY time i've gone into the PLEASURE CHEST I see some celeb there, from Madonna to Britney (not at the same time)...Lindsay and a few bi guy stars I know, and they're always trying to be discreet (well, as discreet as Britney CAN be).

  • Lora Somoza 5 years ago

    That's fantastic! No more hanging out at The Ivy. It's all about the Pleasure Chest.

  • Sexy Girl 4 years ago

    Hey that's great that there's a new sex toy shop in L.A. I checked it out last week & it was crowed. I guess sex toys sells & is a popular niche. It's true that celebs go there too. Here's another cool spot that I found online that has great discounted sex toys, check it out;