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L.A. Reid dishes about Michael Jackson album with Hamptons magazine

Hampton magazine cover featuring L.A. Reid and Erica
Melanie Acevedo for Hamptons magazine, used with permission

In the most recent issue of Hamptons magazine, Matt Lauer interviewed music mogul L.A. Reid and his wife Erica. The famous couple opened up about the success of his record label's recent posthumous Michael Jackson album, “Xscape,” family time out East in their Sagaponack home and more.

Matt asked L.A. about “Xscape” and how the album came to be. According to L.A., “It was my being at Epic Records and trying to find something magnificent to work on. Epic is a label we literally started almost from scratch, so we were trying to find something big.”

L.A. stated he spoke to John Branca, who runs the Michael Jackson estate, and asked for access to the archives to see what could be found. They discovered about 20 songs and picked 10 of them to work on. Then L.A. brought in Justin Timberlake to feature on the first single, “Love Never Felt So Good.” L.A. said, “Justin was my ambassador, which has lead to worldwide sales of more than 2.5 million copies.”

L.A. was not sure what to expect in the archive but went into it open-minded. He was surprised by how much was there because he knew Michael and he did not record a lot of music that he did not release. L.A. added, “And recently I found more, like some Michael Jackson-Queen music that's pretty unbelievable.”

Matt inquired if “Love Never Felt So Good” could have been a hit before, years ago. L.A. replied it would have been a much bigger hit but he did not know if it would have measured up to Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” L.A. said it was an outtake from “Off The Wall,” so it could have worked on that album. The follow up single is a song called “A Place With No Name.” It was originally recorded by the group America and Michael redid it. They are hoping to release the single on August 11.

Erica then spoke to Mat about life in the Hamptons. She said the Hamptons is what St-Tropez is to France. It is a break from the day-to-day life in the city with no mail and no deliveries. As a mother, she is constantly going with no break because she is on-duty 24/7. Erica commented, “Coming to the Hamptons allows me to exhale.”

The Reids enjoy family time in the Hamptons. They socialize but that is not the main focus. Erica reflected, “It's the one place that connect my family and me without distractions, and we can also connect with our friends in a more intimate and comfortable way.”

L.A. referred to the Hamptons as a place of tranquility and natural beauty. He loves the ocean and beaches. He also looks forward to those three or four months during the summer when they come out every weekend. The family reconnects after stressful periods by shutting down from work on the weekends to spend time together.

To find out more about L.A. Reid, his wife Erica and “Xscape,” pick up the latest issue of Hamptons magazine available on select newsstands now or visit the Hamptons magazine website.

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