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L.A. Poetry Examiner's Friday pick: poetry delicate & concise byJessica Ceballos

Los Angeles poet Jessica Ceballos
Jessica Ceballos

a season to suffer

Suffering creates crevices of the soul.
The process of creating art, surfaces emotion and then reason, filling in those crevices - completing us.

~ Jessica Ceballos

Los Angeles poet Jessica Ceballos' work is simply good. She translates her personal observations of the day to day experiences and relationships with delicacy and grace, resulting in compositions that are finespun and clean.

Jessica's poetry is both concise and meaningful as most good poetry should be when attempting to remain true to classic poetry traditions. Overall, the short and sweet of it makes for a very refreshing read as you will see for yourself in the following poems by Los Angeles poetJessica Ceballos.

~ 4 Poems by Jessica Ceballos © 2013 ~

A Surfers Repent

Spirits can be scared of promises
and creators can regret.
Yesterday at high tide, Jesus rode the waves in,
disappearing the moment the white water touched the sand.
Proving that time is irrelevant
once again, Jesus rode the waves in
like a storm, early this cold morning.
He cradled the sand in the palm of his hand,
letting it slowly slip through his fingers,
a time-lapse of a million years, and a few promises.
By the afternoon he rode the wave out,
to the desolate heavens that we created for him,
and he carried this world on his shoulders
asking, "who is Jesus?"

~ Jessica Ceballos


nothing wasted

In this society,
to love with your entire being
is a curse.

A curse that all souls
should be committed to
and that I’d bet my life on.

A curse to proudly secure
in the trenches of the space hidden
in the pause of entanglement,

love briefly put on hold.

A curse that warms like the sun,
building foundations of time,

memories to unravel slowly in.

To love, as if society doesn’t exist.
Civilization begins and ends
when we become cursed by love.

~ Jessica Ceballos

born unraveled

some of us are born of roads
bare footed, clothed in lonely hearts.
forever hiking through nightmares,
paths of burning pangs,
longing, seem necessary.
unraveling majestic farms
of our carnal sins, serenading us
along trails guiding us to earthly waterfalls.

~ Jessica Ceballos


what death is not

in the end
there are no swan lullabies.
no memories of uncomfortable stories,
to bring us comfort.
no bitter-sweet last minute offerings
of secrets, no final surprise.
no last chance at an unfamiliar hope.
not a smile for unsung bliss.
no church bells to harmonize
a timeline of glory, agony, defeat…
not an embrace to leave us
warm and loved. only a body removed.
a soul left somewhere for the living to rescue.

~ Jessica Ceballos



"Jessica Ceballos is a poet who dabbles in music and photography. She's a volunteer, community advocate, avid traveler, and cultural wanderer. Third generation Southern Californian, Jessica has been recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for her work bringing literary arts to the community.

As a writer, her work has most recently appeared in Centre Review, Variant Magazine, Arc, Hinchas de Poesia, Haight Ashbury Journal and RA, among others. She has featured at places such as La Palabra, Stories Books & Cafe, The Paloma Room, Beyond Baroque, The Airliner and at The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles, and she has read with the Taco Shop Poets & Los Illegals. " more at

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