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L.A. on Cloud9 is helping the homeless and their pets in South Los Angeles

Claudia is dedicated to helping the homeless and their pets
Facebook: Cloud Nyne

Claudia Perez of Los Angeles is the driving force behind L.A. on Cloud 9. Known to her friends as Cloud Nyne, Claudia is dedicated to helping the homeless in the Los Angeles community by providing meals for them and their pets. This community organization also provides clothing to the homeless in the area.

L.A. on Cloud9 is a grassroots organization founded in October 2013 and based in South Los Angeles. Word of mouth by friends, family and neighbors have brought this community together as they go about helping people and animals in need.

Claudia knows firsthand what it's like to be homeless. She was homeless back in 2009. With the help friends, as well as a strong belief in who she was as a person, Claudia has flourished in her current life as an "earth angel." A life that now includes giving back to others. I contacted Claudia by email, and she told me helping the homeless

" It's a passion I have because I know how it feels to be without. That goes with animals, I love helping them, feeding them and rescuing them."

Claudia went onto add she'd love to be able to shelter people, but at this time can only provide clothing and food. She does offer assistance in helping the homeless find a shelter.

One service Claudia and her friends provide is a buffet meal the third Sunday each month in a local area such as a park. L.A. on Cloud9 also hands out toys to the homeless children.

"I have fed so many people.. I have events in the park where people gather, bring clothes and food to hand out to anyone that needs it. I think the best feeling in the WORLD is when you help a homeless person and they HUG you, they thank you and you can honestly feel their LOVE and appreciation."

Claudia goes on to say that when you sit down with a homeless person and hear that persons story, you realize how amazing the homeless people in the community really are. Many people are under the impression that homeless people are nasty drug addicts and crazy.

Through personal contact with the homeless in her community, as well as her own experiences, Claudia has learned the homeless in her area are regular people who have lost everything. Some of their stories are heartbreaking, but others offer happy stories. Claudia does her best to help, whether it's providing necessities or just being a friend willing to listen.

If you have a donation, or would like to volunteer, please contact Claudia at (323)812-9836 or Kari at (310)408-2095. Claudia is also on Twitter @LAonCLoud9, as well as on Facebook. Her email address is

You're doing a great service to your community Claudia. It's uplifting to see just how many communities are stepping up to help the homeless. This is something that could happen to any of us, at any time. Thankfully there are earth angels like Claudia, who bring a bit of happiness to those who have little.

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