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L.A. filmmaker at U.K. Parliament

Paul Taylor

This week Los Angeles Irish import, noted documentary filmmaker and friend of this column, Phelim McAleer, testified at the U.K. House of Lords concerning the economic impact of U.K. energy policy of shale gas fracking development. Viscount Ridley, British Scientist and Journalist and Nick Grealy, Principal and Publisher of No Hot Air, joined McAleer in testimony.

Premiering last year in New York and Los Angeles, Phelim's latest documentary film "FrackNation" provides the science and history of U.S. fracking to debunk the cynical eco-propaganda surrounding oil shale natural gas production via fracking. The practice of hydraulic fracking has revolutionized natural gas production, and opened new promise for clean energy independence in America, Europe and elsewhere.

True to his probing nature, Phelim proposed U.K. adoption of fundamental American private property rights; wherein U.K. landowners should own, control and benefit from mineral resources on and beneath their property as provided by the U.S. Constitution. In most countries of the world all mineral resources and rights belong to the government. The U.K. government claims and controls all hydrocarbon resources on and beneath private property -- oil, gas and coal.

In the U.S. and few other countries, ownership of mineral resources is granted to the individual or organizations that own the surface property. These property owners have both "surface rights" and "mineral rights." (, Nov. 2013)

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