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L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s wife is standing by her man

Donald Sterling's wife is standing by her man.
Photo by Stephen Dunn

Controversial Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly has revealed that even in the face of his racist comments and mistress she has no intentions of leaving him. It was recently revealed that Donald Sterling has had an affair with his much younger mistress for the last four years. Add in the fact that an audiotape with Sterling making racial slurs hit the internet.

An insider close to the embattled couple stated, “Shelly has no immediate plans to divorce Donald. They remain the best of friends and have been separated for years. One of the reasons Shelly has no plans to file is purely financial. It would just cost them too much money, both are extremely cheap.”

“Shelly is actively involved in the family real estate business and is a co-owner of almost all of the apartment buildings Donald own in Southern California. They are the single largest owner of apartment building in Los Angeles County. For them to divorce it would entail having all of the properties appraised; calculate rental income for each unit.”

“It would be extremely costly and time consuming. The taxes they would have to pay as single individuals rather than as a married couple would be significant. It really all comes down to the money.”

“Secondly, Shelly is suing Donald’s former mistress, Vanessa Stiviana for gifts, cars, and real estate he gifted to her. In her lawsuit Shelly is seeking $1.8 million which she believes Donald spent on Vanessa. She has very little chance of recovering that money because Donald gave those gifts to Vanessa.”

“However, Shelly would be able to recover that money from Donald if she chose to divorce him, because the argument would be community marital funds were used on his mistress. The fact Shelly is suing V and hasn’t filed for divorce from Donald speaks volumes.”

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