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L.A. City Council Eases Restrictions on Marijuana Dispensaries

Medicinal Marijuana Patients at an L.A. Dispensary
Medicinal Marijuana Patients at an L.A. Dispensary
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On November 24, 2010, the Los Angeles City Councilvoted to ease restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries, allowing dozens more to possibly remain open.

On Wednesday, the City council approved an amendment, which allowed up to 140 pot dispensaries to remain open.

The amendment also let dispensary operators have an additioanl six-month extension to comply with city regulations.

An ordinance passed earlier this year (a result of Steve Cooley's witch-hunt on medicinal marijuana dispensaries) would have shut down roughly 400 dispensaries in the city limits.

In June, about 180 dispensaries applied to remain open, but only about 40 met all the criteria necessary to stay in business.

In order to remain open, dispensaries were supposed to be required to comply with the provisions by December 4th of this year, including a completely ridiculous and incomprehensible rule, which, treating dispensaries as if they were child molestors, requires that they must be 1,000 feet from schools, parks and other "sensitive" sites.


  • Reggie 4 years ago

    If you research the law I believe the 1000 foot limitation is a federal regulation with inhanced punishment if that limitation is infringed upon.

  • Reggie 4 years ago

    forgot to add this..Could it be that the city is trying to protect itself? if they approve a dispensary within 1000 feet of these "sensitive" locations they might be ruled in violation of the federal statute. Aim the arrows in the right direction. (east toward Washington DC)

  • Jimmy the Fish 4 years ago

    Cooley lost. Let the ones that applied stay open. If they are in any commercial or industrial zoning...fine. Let them be. Process is going slow, need more States on board. The goal is to get half of the US on board, so the Feds will give in to majority opinion. Advertisements that bust myths on marijuana with solid scientific proof should be the fastest way to move forward. Break through the media channels and its a slam dunk.

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