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Kylie Jenner slams idea that she is dating famous people to improve image

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner may be growing up in front of the camera, but it sounds like she is growing a little tired of getting slammed in the press. She hasn’t really been known in the press for her active love life, but she has been spotted hanging out with several celebrities, including Jaden Smith. Her sister, on the other hand, has been spotted with “One Direction” star, Harry Styles. But is there a plan behind it? According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 12, Kylie Jenner is now denying that she is hanging out with famous people to boost her own image.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Kylie was only hanging out with these stars to boost her own image. "The fact that some people actually believe I would waste my time dating someone as a publicity stunt," Kylie revealed on Twitter after reading the initial report. She is responding to a report that claims that her boyfriend must be famous. Apparently, she can’t settle for a person who isn’t famous.

“[Kendall and Kylie's boyfriends] need to be famous and in the current limelight,” says the insider. “They must be a big deal to get the sisters the media they thrive on, and that is why Harry Styles was a set up at first. Its all about the Kardashian brand, and Kendall and Kylie have bought into it and use relationships as career builders more than anything else. This was one major issue when it came to Kris and Bruce’s marriage — Bruce wanted them to have a more normal life but he is outnumbered, and they want to be like Kim and will do anything Kris says to make it happen. Its like they are robots.”

What do you think of her tweet? Do you think she could ever date someone who isn’t famous?