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Kylie Jenner sits on bed with shirtless Jaden Smith: Mocking Willow Smith?

Kylie and Jaden
Kylie Jenner Tumblr

Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her and rumored boyfriend, Jaden Smith, hanging out on a bed and people can't help but wonder if the photo is in direct response to the controversial photo Willow Smith posted last week. According to Us Weekly on May 12, the photo does seem to resemble the one posted by Jaden's younger sister, who was lounging on a bed with a shirtless Mosies Arias. However, Jenner's photo was posted on Tumblr in April -- weeks before Willow Smith made headlines for her "inappropriate" pic.

The difference in pictures is pretty simple: 13-year-old Willow Smith was hanging out on a bed with 20-year-old Arias. Jaden is 15-years-old and Kylie is 16, which totally makes a big difference. Do you agree?

In the pic, Kylie Jenner looks like she is under a blanket and Jaden Smith is sitting between her legs, shirtless with the top of his Calvin Klein boxers showing. The two aren't doing anything inappropriate and the picture didn't even make waves until now because it wasn't a big deal. At all. However, it now looks like Willow may have taken a cue from her big brother which could raise even more discussion about how old is too young and whether or not Willow has a good role model in Jaden.

Of course no one is going to be happy regardless who posts what photos and when, since many are still talking about Willow Smith, but clearly the people who matter (like her parents, Will and Jada) aren't bothered at all. Which might be the most disturbing piece to the puzzle. Do you think Willow's parents should have been upset about the photo took with Mosies (see it here).

Kylie Jenner usually doesn't post racy photos and there really isn't anything wrong with the photo she posted of Jaden shirtless sitting in front of her. If there was, you would have heard about it last month when she first posted it. Do you think Willow was trying to copy the photo that Jenner posted when she posed with Mosies Arias last week?

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