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Kylie Jenner rocks marijuana leaf socks

Kylie Jenner showed marijuana a little love recently, and Rob Kardashian provided the photographic evidence to prove it. The only male member of the Kardashian clan tweeted a photo of Kylie wearing socks adorned with marijuana leaves on May 30.

It looks like Rob Kardashian is using his teen sister to advertise his marijuana socks
Kylie Jenner/Twitter

Of course this doesn't mean that Kylie has been smoking weed, but the socks were still probably an inappropriate wardrobe choice for the 15-year-old reality show star. However, it looks like Rob might have convinced the teen to rock the socks since they're part of his Arthur George line. He then retweeted a message from a Kylie fan site along with a photo of the young star revealing the socks after removing her shoes to go through airport security.

“@KylieJFamily: Rocking @AGSocksbyRK by @RobKardashian “@_Kylie_Fans_: Kylie at the airport”” that's my dawg !"

So apparently Rob Kardashian has gone unisex with his sock line, and the poor guy has resorted to making his popular sisters wear the socks in a desperate bid to increase sales by marketing them toward young women. Perhaps the savvy businessman thinks that marijuana leaf socks will become the next big thing with teen girls after they see Kylie Jenner wearing them, or perhaps he knew that the photo of Kylie would cause a controversy that would get his sock line a little free publicity. Maybe he also gave a pair to Kylie's BFF Jaden Smith in the hopes that the "After Earth" star would also get photographed wearing them.

There's nothing wrong with supporting the movement to legalize marijuana, but perhaps Rob should stick to asking family members who aren't underage to promote the Mary Jane socks in question. Khloe Kardashian has been photographed wearing them before, and she's old enough to smoke weed in the states where marijuana is legal. Rob could also ask the men in his family to wear them -- his brother-in-law Lamar Odom has always been very supportive, and his stepbrother Brody Jenner is trying to fit in after recently joining the family's reality show. The socks might not be Lord Disick's cup of tea, but he could probably also be convinced to help a bro's business out.

But Rob likely knows that authority-shunning teens will be more impressed with a marijuana leaf design than older targets, so this might be why he's using Kylie's ankles as free ad space. So do you think that it's inappropriate for the sock mogul to market clothing adorned with marijuana leaves to teens? Socks might not be a gateway drug, but kids could still get in trouble at school if they start wearing clothing that promotes an illegal substance.


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