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Kylie Jenner inks illegal tattoo: Marks her territory with gloves on?

Some friends leave a mark on you in life, but most friends don’t mark you up for life, literally with a tattoo of their initials. Kylie Jenner did just that to her friend Miles Richie, who is Lionel Richie’s son.

Kylie Jenner inks her initials into Miles Richie's hand, Lional Richie's son.
Instagram Kylie Jenner

The buzz today is about the 16-year-old Kylie once again doing something she is not old enough to do, that is give someone a tattoo, according to MSN Wonderwall on May 13.

Kylie was caught on tape donning gloves and putting her initials on Miles hand with a tattoo pen. While at a recording studio with her big sister Khloe Kardashian, she may have come up with the idea to battle the boredom. Whatever her reason, Khloe's little sister played tattoo artist and marked up her buddy’s hand.

Apparently a real tattoo artist was on hand because Miles had a hankering to get inked. For some unknown reason Kylie decided to join in with Tattooist John Petro and give Miles a design out of her own head, which ended up as her initials. Is the young Jenner marking her territory?

The New York Daily News reports on May 13 that Kylie “branded” her friend as Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend French Montana “looked on.” You can see Kylie’s handy work on the video above, which may be incriminating to the under-age tattoo artist wannabe.

California state law doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to tattoo flesh. Kylie’s handy work was caught on tape and MSN suggests that she could be in hot water if police get a look at the tape and decide to cite her on this.

She could get $1,000 fine and have a misdemeanor on her record if she does have to answer for her actions to the law. Do you really see that happening? While shootings, robberies, home invasions, drug selling and identity theft is running rampant, do you really see police dispatching a car out to pick up Kylie Jenner for carving her initials into a kid’s hand? Probably not!

The real concern here is why would this kid let Kylie tattoo her initials on him? It won’t be long before the young man is looking to have them removed or re-created into the initials of another girl. This event reporting also suggests that celebrity news was hard to come by on Tuesday when this story broke. Does anyone really care that Kylie Jenner put her initial in some kid's hand? Other than Miles' parents and possibly another girlfriend, probably not!

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