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Kylie desperately needs a home

Please help Kylie!
Please help Kylie!
PETS, Inc. The Caroline Humane Society

Three-year-old Kylie looks to be a hound mix of some type. He is a gentle spirit; a snuggly dog that not only plays well with other dogs, but cats as well. Kylie is extremely well-mannered and loving, but Kylie is in trouble. Although he has been an emotional anchor for a woman who has lived in fear, when she received the help that she rightfully deserved, the solution for her did not include her supportive dog.

Kylie’s human mom has made her escape but she is still living in fear because Kylie’s time at The Carolinas Humane Society, PETS, Inc., is running out. It has to be heart-wrenching to know that her especially mature canine that gave her comfort in her worst times now fears for his life.

She is trying to promote her savior every way that she possibly can so that, he, too, can gain his new start with a gentle family. As stated, he snuggles with cats, plays quite well with other doggies and is absolutely wonderful with human beings.

Kylie if fully housetrained. He is never destructive in or outside of the home. If left alone, he simply entertains himself and keeps himself busy. He is not an attention hound.

As the Facebook clip said, Kyle has everything it takes to be a trouble-free family companion. All he needs now is the family. Let’s hope he gets it before his time runs out. He does not deserve to die just because the shelter is overrun with other pets. This dog did nothing accept to protect and serve his human mother. Now he is the one that needs protection!

This world is overwrought with misfortune. It is the innocent that pay. Fair? Absolutely not, but many times there is not room to consider the most important factors; a dog comes second seat to a human being.

If you know of anyone in the area or even a rescue organization that would be willing to take in this kind and amiable dog, please have them contact PETS, Inc. The Caroline Humane Society by phoning 803.739.9333 or 803.407.8053. PETS, Inc. is located at 300 Orchard Drive in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Kylie did his job of loving and protecting; now it is our turn to love and protect him. He is a good dog that fell upon very unfortunate circumstances. He does not deserve to be euthanized just because there is no room at the inn for him. Won’t you consider helping him out?

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