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Kyle’s Corner (FYI) Espresso on the go: The world’s first

A wold's first: The Fiat 500L will offer expresso on the go!
A wold's first: The Fiat 500L will offer expresso on the go!

The Italians are known for building cars (Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, etc.) with some real flair. In addition, they like to enjoy a good cup of espresso even while on the go.

Fiat will be offering the world’s first in-car espresso maker in the Fait 500L. At the global press release held in Turin, the automaker announced that the 500L will be “the first standard-production car in the world to offer a true espresso coffee machine.”

The espresso maker will be offered as an option on the 500L. The L is a larger version of the 500 and it will go on sale in Italy in October of this year and in the rest of Europe a short time later.

The espresso machine in the Fiat will not be just an added on piece. The automaker says that the machine will be fully integrated in the car and it will even come with two matching cups. The ‘coffee’ machine will be made for Fiat by the Italian coffee importer Lavazza – known as “Italy’s favorite coffee.” Lavaaza also has a Starbucks-like coffee chain.

Good driving and coffee drinking go hand in hand!

The Fiat 500L is due to arrive in the United States in 2013. Will we see more exclusive alliances between automakers and specialty products in future vehicles? Well, if espresso on the go is any indication, the answer is yes indeed!

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