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Kyle Rowland continues to shine at Sac Music Fest

Kyle Rowland continues to shine at Sac Music Fest
Kyle Rowland continues to shine at Sac Music Fest
Susan Raines

On May 23-26, 2014, harmonica kid Kyle Rowland celebrated his ten year anniversary of his first appearance at the Sacramento Music Festival. In 2004 he played as a ten year old guest for Mick Martin and The Blues Rockers and has since then been part of the festival every year. In 2012 he brought his own full band which was formed in 2010 and they played at various SMF venues populated by his many fans. With eight appearances this year, at the Old Town Sacramento major venues of Riverfront Refuge, Freeway Gardens, Firehouse Lot and Turntable on the Green, the Kyle Rowland Blues Band worked it hard and worked it hot.

Kyle Rowland Blues Band
Kyle Rowland

Kyle Rowland blues fans would have noticed that the "kid" no longer has that baby face, actually comes toting a modest beard and has grown tall. The kid has grown up and actually turns 21 this year which entitles him to legally take a drink, if he would so choose, at the many clubs and festivals he has played at as a youth through the years. Posting photos of him as a little kid no longer makes him blush, he still aims to go into law enforcement and people still hope to see him tour the country to further share his talents with the world.

The new band this year brought an extra punch with the addition of horns including both a baritone and tenor sax. The band now consists of Kyle Rowland, Kenny Marchese, Ben Thompson, Steve Linn, Byron Colborn, and Reggie Marks. Kyle has also started including his own vocals which have vastly improved from the 2013 performances which came across as somewhat forced in his attempt to get his blues vocals to match the instrumental vibe. Practice and development proved true and he now makes a credible blues singer along with an outrageous harmonica player. His showmanship and flare continue to delight those who come to hear and watch him play.

Kyle will continue to play the festivals and other venues and his skills will deepen as he becomes further seasoned with time. Whether he ends up touring for decades and becomes recognized worldwide like the great Sacramento based blues musicians (Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers) who welcomed him on stage ten years ago, will only be known as time tells. He has already played with greats, become well established in California and has thousands of loyal fans. What will you do harmonica boy and what will the world do to you?