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Kyle Richards and Carlton Gebbia exchange jabs

Kyle Richards (left) vs. Carlton Gebbia (right)
Kyle Richards (left) vs. Carlton Gebbia (right)
Lindsey Dow

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" stars Kyle Richards and Carlton Gebbia traded another round of jabs about each other after tonight's episode. It is apparent the two do not care for each other.

It all started when Carlton made her debut on "Watch What Happens Live" after tonight's episode of RHOBH. When asked why she was offended by Kyle's questioning of her Wiccan religion in an earlier episode, Carlton said, "I have no patience for morons."

"I have no clue what her problem is with me," tweeted an apparently dumbfounded Kyle, who then addressed Carlton directly via Twitter. "Dear Carlton, wouldn't it be easier to not accept my invitations, then to come & be nice to my face and then speak badly about me?"

A fan chimed in and asked her if Carlton was required to go for filming. "No," replied Kyle, "you don't and certainly don't have to be nice to my face."

The two of them have yet to have any real epic showdown of any sort, but the RHOBH trailer shows the two of them exchanging some harsh words in upcoming episodes, so stay tuned.