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Kyle Carpenter: Medal of Honor given to Kyle Carpenter after grenade heroics

Kyle Carpenter
Kyle Carpenter / Facebook

Kyle Carpenter will be given a Medal of Honor nearly four years after he jumped on a grenade to save a fellow soldier. On March 6, The Inquisitr reported that Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter was stationed in Afghanistan and had become really good friends with Lance Corporal Nicholas Eufrazio but little did he know that he would soon be the reason that his friend lived.

"We grew to be extremely close. He was always our point man. He was always on it. I absolutely trusted him with my life. Over there, we were always together and always looking out for each other, so we decided to take post together," Kyle said of his relationship with Nicholas.

Kyle Carpenter was badly injured by the grenade. He lost his right eye and many of his teeth. Lance Corporal Eufrazio did survive the blast but he was also injured despite Kyle's heroic efforts. According to the report, a piece of shrapnel pierced Kyle's frontal lobe and he has had a hard time recovering. It took him two years to speak again following the attack -- but he is making progress. As is Kyle. If Kyle hadn't jumped on the grenade, chances are Nicholas would be dead.

Kyle's fight to recover has been an amazing one and he has documented much of his accomplishments on Facebook. Support for him grows every day and with news that he will be honored by the military in such a way, his following is sure to grow.

Kyle Carpenter is only the third Medal of Honor recipient since Sept. 11, 2001. The Medal of Honor is the highest combat medal awarded in the military (via The Inquisitr).

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