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KY Speedway partners with L'ville radio station for fantasy racing

Kentucky Speedway
Kentucky Speedway
Sparta, Ky.

There's no shortage of fantasy racing leagues that spring up once the NASCAR season gets underway each February. This season, Kentucky Speedway is joining Louisville, Ky., radio station 790 WKRD-AM to bring race fans a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pick 'em Game.

Participants are expected to pick their top-10 finishers for each race throughout the 2010 season. If that's not challenging enough, the point of the game is to actually predict the exact top-10 finishing order -- not only predict which drivers will finish in the top-10, but also exactly where within the top-10 they'll finish.

Weekly winners can earn prize packages that may include tickets to 2010 events at Kentucky Speedway. Weekly winners may not necessarily have to pick the top-10 finishing order perfectly. If there are no perfect pick top-10s on a particular week, the contestant with the highest score will win the weekly prize for that given week.

Each week, contestants can earn 100 points for each driver they correctly predict will finish in the top-10. Bonus points are then added when contestants predict the exact finish of drivers. For example, selecting the correct winner earns a contestant 80 bonus points. Selecting the correct second-place driver pays 70 points, 65 points are awarded for a correctly predicted third-place finish, 60 for fourth, 55 for fifth, 50 for sixth, 46 for seventh, 42 for eighth, 38 for ninth, and 34 for 10th.

There will also be a pot, or progressive payout for perfect top-10 predictions. The pot will start at $1,000 and $500 will be added each week that nobody predicts the top-10 finishing order exactly. When someone does pick a perfect top-10, he/or she will claim the pot, and the amount up for grabs will return to $1,000.

Weekly picks must be made before 1 p.m. ET on Sunday for regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon races. For other races, Saturday night races for example, picks must be made prior to the start of the race.

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