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KVPAC: Discover your child's creative talents


Summer is here. Over the next week or two, schools across the United States will close for the season and children from grade school through high school will find themselves with time on their hands and nothing to do. That is, unless the parents help their youngsters find something to do and one great idea is a summer camp or class. There are plenty of camps that focus on the outdoors, fitness, science, and the like but why not immerse your children in the arts instead? It’s a great alternative and one organization that beckons your child to come and join the fun is KVPAC, the Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center, located in the west Houston suburb of Katy, Texas.

A Class for Your Child’s Interest

KVPAC has a wide range of classes and camps for children age 3 through 18. Some of the different options include:

  • Art Practice- Digital Photography
  • Art Practice- Painting
  • Art Practice- Drawing
  • Imagine Art- Illusions
  • Creating Culture- Landscapes
  • Creating Culture- Making Music Videos
  • Acting- Star in Your own Movie
  • Wild Things- Inspired by Music
  • Voice- Harmony Heroes
  • Let’s Pretend- Musical Jamboree

KVPAC classes are three hours in length and run for 5 days, Monday through Friday. They are reasonably priced also and will fit within the budgets of most households. The majority of the classes sell for about $180 for the full week and can be scheduled by clicking here. This is a very good price compared to the cost of other classes/camps that focus on traditional subjects such as science, nature, and the like.

Expose your Child’s Creative Genius

Lots of children have a creative side but few have the opportunity to discover or develop their artistic talent. Parents, schools, etc. often push math and science and other more technical subjects. The best type of knowledge, they reason, is that which has the most practical use for the future. The arts often take a back seat but research has proven that creative pursuits are essential for the well- rounded child. Improved creativity often leads to greater independence, better decision making, and more enjoyment of life.

Schedule Your Summer Classes Today

With 12 weeks until the return of fall classes, summer is an ideal time to treat your child to arts and theatre and Houston area residents have an excellent choice with KVPAC. Whether it’s art, modeling, acting, or singing, KVPAC has a class that is just right for the aspiring artists or performer in your home. Visit the KVPAC website and sign up today. Your child will discover a side of themselves they never knew existed.

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