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'KUWTK' Bruce Jenner heads out with strange new hairdo: Wants to be a woman?

Bruce Jenner
Photo by Ethan Miller

Bruce Jenner has gone through some serious changes over the years -- that's no secret -- however, the latest differences in Jenner's appearance have people doing a double take. On Aug. 1, the father of five stepped out in Calabasas, Calif., in typical golf attire: A button-down collared shirt and a pair of khaki pants. However, it wasn't Bruce's clothing that got the attention of Radar Online.

The Olympian turned reality television star was sporting a very frizzly mullet-style hairdo which was more of a "hairdont." Bruce forwent his classic ponytail look (that his ex, Kris Jenner, simply hates) and let his hair fly all over the place. And no, it was not a good look for him.

Bruce Jenner has been in the news time and time again because some people wonder why he keeps changing his look, getting plastic surgery (rumored), and growing his hair long. Naturally there are some people out there who believe that Bruce is trying to become a woman. According to KPopStarz, rumors that Jenner wanted to have a sex change kicked into high gear earlier this year when he decided to have his Adam's apple shaved down.

Bruce has reportedly told people that he wants to be called "Brigitte." However, Kris Jenner doesn't seem to think that any of the hype means anything. Recently she said that when Bruce gets his nails "buffed," a clear coat of nail polish is applied. Her purpose in saying that? "We sell magazines," she added. Apparently one has to do with the other.

Bruce Jenner is the only one who knows how he really feels about his appearance. It certainly is possible that he just wants to look and feel better about himself. Do you think he wants to become a woman?

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