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Kurt Sutter tweets there will be an 'Sons of Anarchy' game

Kurt Sutter claims that a 'Sons of Anarchy' game is in the making.
Kurt Sutter claims that a 'Sons of Anarchy' game is in the making.

Fans of "Sons of Anarchy" have been extremely loyal to the show and it's actors, therefore, when Tommy Flanigan shared on his Facebook page that there was going to be a "Sons of Anarchy" video game on Feb. 11, they were shocked and elated.

So far, Sutter claims that he cant say much of the details, likely because there aren't many details hammered out yet, as to what the game will be about, fans are still excited. There has been a lot of speculation all over as to what the game might look like, who would do voices, and everything out, but the most popular choice has been that people want to see a "Sons of Anarchy" Grand Theft Auto.

The concern that many fans have voiced about the game is that they feel like they would be limited because the game could only be as long as the show. So, unlike Grand Theft Auto that could have many variations and games, they wouldn't be able to get more than seven games because that's all the show has.

There is still a lot left in the air about the game, but the fact that a "Sons of Anarchy" game is going to be a reality is pretty exciting nonetheless.